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Sunflowers - Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustave Klimt & Gustave Caillebotte

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Rust Cohle

I have a feeling I’ll be drawing a lot of Rust Cohle quotes in the next few weeks.

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an accurate representation of me trying to deal with the problems in my life

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I’m not suggesting that news organizations turn a blind eye on staffer tweets. … You don’t want them libeling people. You don’t want them spewing racist bilge. But neither do you want to sew them into social media straitjackets that deter all expression. Such uniform and restrictive gag orders don’t expunge opinion from newsrooms, they only suppress it, and encourage journalists to find other oblique ways to convey their views. The social media straitjacket also infantilizes experienced news consumers, who have plenty of experience judging journalism and journalists, and who benefit when reporters and editors can tweet what is on their minds and what they are reading without being handcuffed and charged.
Media columnist Jack Shafer, on Twitter panic in newsrooms (via sasquatchmedia)

Suddenly There was Snoring Heard From the Other Room


Suddenly There was Snoring Heard From the Other Room

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